About us

Hello girls, let me introduce myself, I am Chiara Lipparini, I am twenty-five years old and I have a degree in "Statistics" from the University of Bologna. I am a very sunny person, with a great propensity for understanding and attuning to the other person, I am an empathetic, determined, determined and with a lot of energy. During my training I have always tried to bring something of my own in all the projects carried out and to keep a positive and determined attitude. The work experiences carried out have allowed me to grow and acquire skills. All this led me to the creation of my bikini brand ADRIA. The efforts for its creation and development have allowed me to test myself in the field of fashion, in which I had no technical skills, to learn to manage it on my own and develop my creativity in the search for alternative solutions.

Adria was born in 2019, when Chiara - a creative mind decided to renew an art with past origins; the crochet. This brand was born from the desire to be able to bring to the market a unique quality product of its kind and completely Hand and Custom-made. Through a market research, materials and starting to design what she would have liked to achieve, a unique bikini was born of its kind that fits perfectly once worn.

From the Etruscan Atrium; light - the name Adria would indicate the position of the sea to the east. The name was then used to name the upper part of the Adriatic Sea and recalls a woman's name with marine sounds. With Adria comes a timeless bathroom label that gives a sensual touch to all its sophisticated pieces. Each collection is created inspired by the sensuality of the beauty of the female form.

Faithful to its Italian roots, the brand celebrates quality and tradition with a modern approach. A product made entirely in Italy, created for girls or young women, whose style is as unique, as elegant and bold. The Crochet revisited in a modern key, makes it suitable for any age, the classicity of the crochet bikini for women, the innovative style that adapts to each silhouette enhances the curves of us girls. Passion and simplicity are at the center of each of the designs, which make it versatile in its use, on summer evenings or on days by the sea.